Your advantage

Our training concepts provide the following benefits:

Authentic and close to reality

With the help of 3D animations dive very direct, vivid and experienced in all kinds of emergencies in the cockpit.

Gain experience and retain knowledge

Collected experiences of worldwide experts are combined to a unique product to quickly, efficiently and purposefully promote your knowledge.

Develop your technical skills individually

Enrich your knowledge of others to make your dream of flying even safer.

Take control of your calendar

Time is our most scarce resource. Therefore, your training must be available 24 hours a day, worldwide on all devices

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Pro-active safety management system

The company ProPilots brings a revolutionary focus in the area of flight safety:


Our customer areas

Private pilot

Private pilot

The best pilots leave nothing to chance – Train for emergencies like a professional!

Are you a private pilot and would like more confidence when handling critical emergency situations? Would you like to benefit from the decades of experience of worldwide experts and with the help of graphic 3D animation continuously practice the right behavior in extreme situations?

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Flight school

Flight school

A picture says more than 1000 words – achieve a high learning effect through 3D animation in HD quality!

Are you operating a flying school and would like to have your trainees, also outside the cockpit, dive directly, graphically and tangibly into all possible emergency situations and familiarise themselves with them? Would you like your trainees to have extra training and test documents besides your flying school: whether videos, images, presentations, safety messages or other tips and information available everywhere and at any time?

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Flight operation

Flight operation

Knowledge Management – pass on the knowledge and experience gained; efficiently and target-oriented!

Are you operating an aviation company and would like to implement the legally prescribed theory and refresher training efficiently, targeted and above all practice-oriented? This should also not cause extra personnel expenditure for monitoring, steering and controlling your employees ‘recurrent training and testing? But you would also like to prepare your employees in a target-oriented for the right behaviour in their area of responsibility?

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Our company consists of a team of experienced experts in the field of commercial aviation

Alexander Steffen

Managing Director

ProPilots‘ Managing Director is a flight instructor and pilot by the German Federal Police as well as a specialist at the Federal Office of Civil Aviation.


ProPilots company

Our team consists of ambitious experts from different aviation fields who have been developing this product together with fascination for years.

About us

Company profile

ProPilots has combined the in-depth knowledge and experience of aviation experts worldwide into an innovative concept.

"Maintaining our high level of flight safety is even more effective and efficiency with the use of ProPilots"

"Outstanding quality. I am excited about this product. This makes learning fun! Difficult topics are clearly shown and explained. Thanks for the security gained"



ProPilots GmbH
Sankt-Augustinus-Str. 26
53173 Bonn


ProPilots GmbH

Sankt-Augustinus-Str. 26
53173 Bonn

Tel.: +49 (0)228 61962273
Fax.: +49 (0)228 61962274

ProPilots Sales Manager Nordamerika:

Oliver Lacic
Telefon: +1 418 265 83 47

Adresse Büro:
3240 Ch de la Gare, bureau 305
G1W 3A7 Quebec, QC

ProPilots Sales Manager Asien:

石新德 / Sun T. Shek
Tel: Cell 1-917-913-7105
H. 1-718-281-0115

6765 Cloverdale Lane,
Oakland gardens, NY 11364,
United States of America